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Dear Cheryl
I am pleased today that I have regained almost all of my functionality back in my ankle. You and Tori made it happen – Thank you.
Your professionalism and cheer shone through. Your staff are exceptional and the facility is great.
Thank you so much for all of your help.

Bernard Gero, MD


Transitions Therapies West saved my life! Before arriving there, I had been to several doctors, a number of physical therapy groups and I had been misdiagnosised as well. I was bed ridden and on several narcotics for pain as well as muscle relaxors, anti-inflammatories, anti- depressants and anti – anxiety medication.

I had several injection procedures that did not help to alleviate my pain. It seemed like the injections increased my pain. In addition two surgeries were recommended. Wisely I did not follow through with those recommendations.

I could not walk, drive, stand or sit for longer than a few minutes. To sleep I took medication and tried to find a comfortable position.

After pain management proved ineffective, pool therapy was recommended. That is when my life began to change for the better. My referral to Transitions Therapies West changed my life for the better.

At Transitions Therapies West, Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, DPT and her staff have been instrumental in all facets of my recovery. I have achieved almost 90% of my recovery. I have Cheryl and her staff to thank, for their expertise, insight and encouragement. They have given my the determination to reach this degree of recovery and move beyond it into a more productive and enjoyable future.

From my own experience, Dr. Wertheimer’s knowledge and dedication to her practice is unparallel. Because of her care and dedication, I have been able to make a remarkable recovery. I have seen this not only in myself but with all of her patients. To bring me out of the pain and depression I was going through is nothing short of a miracle, as far as I am concerned. No other doctor or physical therapist could so this for me, and for this, I will always be very grateful to Dr, Wertheimer and her incredible staff.