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"My back injuries and pain have almost disappeared. I’m standing up straighter and feel stronger in the core area!"
Sep 24, 2020
"Using the Pilates equipment make be feel better when I walk."
Sep 18, 2020
"My back and ankle pain is gone after working with you this week."
Sep 18, 2020
"I love Redcord training. Why don’t other PT’s use it?"
Sep 18, 2020
"I need to come back and work on my core and posture. I was watching my videos and can see how much your strength training helped my riding. After my ankle injury I am weak and need your help and Redcord training. "
Sep 18, 2020
"I feel light and balanced after my exercise session using Redcord. I’m telling my friends and Pilates teacher about my experience. They need to come use Redcord for posture, core and strength training too."
Sep 18, 2020
"I have been to other physical therapists in town and have never had the amazing experience, education and care like I had at Transitions. I will be back if and when I need physical therapy again."
Sep 18, 2020
"Best physical therapist in the county. I have been to PTS in the area and none were as thorough and knowledge "
Jul 30, 2018
"A couple of years ago, a neurologist at UCLA recommended I begin Aquatic Therapy to help treat extreme muscle weakness (suspected myopathy). I was referred to Transitions Therapies West, under the guidance of Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT, DPT, & Owner. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to get out of a bed or chair unaided. I was unable to raise my arms or legs without great stiffness and discomfort. Within six months of a combination program of Aquatic Therapy, Pilates, Red Cord, and Physical Therapy, I was able to get out of a chair and bed unaided, raise my arms above my head with ease, and walk a couple of miles without fatigue. I was discharged from therapy. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of this new found wellness did not last long! I was involved, soon after, in a car accident, and so returned to TTW - this time for neck related injuries. Again, Cheryl and her staff did wonders. This course of therapy was different than before, tailor made to help alleviate my current pain and injuries. Again, it was another success story for me! Most importantly, what I wish to add to this testimonial, is that the treatment at TTW went beyond my expectations. It has been a wonderful education. Cheryl helped me to understand the importance for strengthening my whole core to enjoy total wellness - how everything is interrelated. For example, by working on my upper leg muscles, I was able to gain better rotation of my neck. She has made me think about what muscles and tendons I am using to perform a specific physical task. She has given me a far better understanding of my body and how I can- with this knowledge- take better care of my body. It truly has been an invaluable life learning experience. Thank you, Cheryl and staff, for giving me back an active life."
Mar 19, 2018
"Love the redcord! I came to Cheryl with a major ankle injury. Between her and her staff, they're getting me back on track. Everyone in the office is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, which makes me feel very confident about making a full recovery."
Feb 16, 2018
"Redcord experience was amazing."
Oct 12, 2016
"Physical Therapy has really helped and healed me. I've learned how to really focus on correct body posture. This will help me in my daily life and in my workout routines. The team here have been extremely helpful and have educated me on how to have better posture and control."
Oct 14, 2015
"Highly knowledgeable professional staff who give you very targeted treatment. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you get the most out of your therapy. Great follow up too."
Oct 07, 2015
"Loved it is correct--outstanding personnel, can't say enough about how excellent the therapies were."
Oct 07, 2015
"Fantastic experience......very knowledgeable instructors, patient, caring. Would never think of going any where else. Definitely a 5 star experience."
Sep 09, 2015
"After my broken clavicle surgery I found Physical Therapist to be abundant with a two page list from my orthopedic. That doesn't mean everyone is equal! The first was your standard PT mill, bring 'em in, work 'em out, send 'em home. A bit too pandering to the patient and not 'mean' enough to matter. … Full review "
Sep 02, 2015
"Cheryl and her team are by far the best in county! Her years of experience showed through the quality treatment and my quick recovery time. My knees were back to 100% before I knew it!"
Aug 05, 2015
"Excellent, all professionally handled and making progress and would recommend to anyone."
Jul 28, 2015
"After my broken clavicle surgery I found Physical Therapist to be abundant with a two page list from my orthopedic. That doesn't mean everyone is equal! The first was your standard PT mill, bring 'em in, work 'em out, send 'em home. A bit too pandering to the patient and not 'mean' enough to matter. Full review"
Jul 21, 2015
"Great practice."
Jun 24, 2015

Dear Cheryl
I am pleased today that I have regained almost all of my functionality back in my ankle. You and Tori made it happen – Thank you.
Your professionalism and cheer shone through. Your staff are exceptional and the facility is great.
Thank you so much for all of your help.

Bernard Gero, MD

Several months ago, I suffered what was reported on my MRI as a “Large full thickness radial tear of the posterior horn of the meniscus.” I went to several doctors who without hesitation said I needed surgery. I was told I could not possibly have injured my knee in a worse way than I had. Since this was a work comp case, I was told that before being approved for a full knee replacement, I would need to endure several injections and physical therapy. Thank God for that requirement.

I went to Transitions Therapy West and began therapy with Cheryl Schuhmann Wertheimer. After several weeks of therapy, I was pain free and performing my daily activities better than I had pre-injury. I have since returned to see my doctor, who now agrees I may not now require surgery.

I attribute my success to two things:

  1. Cheryl (who has a Doctorate in therapy) has been in business over 30 years. Between her knowledge and experience, she knew exactly what I needed to strengthen and how I should do it.
  2. Cheryl has equipment I have never seen anywhere else. I have been a gym rat my entire life, but had never heard of a “Redcord” machine. Its technology when used by a trained professional, allows the user to isolate any muscle, to ensure you get the maximum benefit from its use.

I strongly recommend Cheryl to anyone who has a preexisting or new injury they would like to overcome.

Larry S.