About Cheryl

Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT/DPT – owner

Cheryl is a horsewoman, athlete, Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedic-sports medicine, neuromuscular retraining and a certified physical therapist for the United States Equestrian Federation.

Cheryl received her BS from U.C.L.A. in 1975, PT certificate and BS in Physical Therapy from C.S.U.N in 1977 and Doctor of physical therapy in from EIM Institute of Health Professionals in 2011. She trained at Orthopedic Hospital in LA, Children’s Hospital LA, County Hospital LA and Crippled Children services in Reseda. Her love for riding and working with children led to a certification as a PT for riding for the handicapped. She is MEDX trained from UCSD. Other certifications include Pilates for rehabilitation, patella femorial dysfunction training, NEURAC method using Redcord for rehabilitation and for athletes, myofascial release trained, joint mobilization trained and most recently certified as a physical therapist for the United States Equestrian Federation.

Cheryl enjoys helping her patients reach their goals using various techniques such as the Neurac treatment method using Redcord neuromuscular training, Pilates, Posture training, Balance, Hands-on treatments and traditional physical therapy techniques. Her passion is helping people smile again using the most effective methods to help people return to an active life and athletes return to their sport as soon as safely possible.

Cheryl developed and performed a video in 1985, called “The Riders Workout” –that was sold the world over. It can be found on the internet and through “the Plaid Horse”. In 2017 she traveled to Gladstone, N.J. , the center for equestrian US Olympic training, to become one of a few certified as a physical therapist for the United States Equestrian Federation. Her passion for horses continues. She has been successful in the show ring, wining major championships and Medal Finals.

Cheryl developed the Moorpark Transitions office to help our community of people reach their potential in their sport and/or in everyday activities, prevent injuries and recover from injuries or surgeries.

Transitions developed an equestrian part to the clinic dedicated to equestrian athletes to improve their performance, prevent injuries, recover from injuries. The practice defines performance training for equestrian athletes.

Cheryl’s equestrian program has been developed through research, education and experience. Cheryl and USEF want to help progress rider’s abilities from the local to the international level.

Cheryl understands the discipline and dedication to succeed.

Cheryl is available for clinics at your barn or Moorpark clinic.