Rider Assessments

Rider Assessments for Hunter- Jumper- Equitation and Three-day event riders. Dressage rider assessment is measured by the time staying centered.

Goal: To help the rider improve their balance and effectiveness

Actual Test of a rider

Trot and canter each direction The time is measured for each movement with the hunter – jumper or three day event rider in the two point position.

Rider #1 unable to two point at the trot and canter

No stirrups Trot left Trot right Canter left canter right
Rider #1 trial 1 0 secs 0 secs 0 secs 0 secs
Rider #1 trial 2 21 29 10 20

Trial # 2 was tested after 8 weeks at 2x/week of performance training in our office.

  1. Procedure at the barn and using your horse: The rider performs and measured as test and is videoed.
  2. The rider posture is assessed and their flexibility and general manual muscle test.
  3. The rider is treated to assist strength gains for a short – term
  4. The rider rides the test again
  5. Home exercises are given as per this assessment.
  6. The rider is given the opportunity to work in our clinic to gain further and long-term riding and health benefits.

The most benefit is found when treatment is done 2x/week for 8 weeks.