Neurac treatment method using Redcord – slings, ropes and bungees.

An effective method of treatment for pain relief, improving the quality of movement and performance. This treatment technique is being used Internationally for rehabilitation, sports training and injury prevention. Being placed in a specific position helps you find the right muscles to connect with. Bungees help you perform the exercises if you are not strong enough to perform the exercise correctly. As you strengthen we reduce your assistance by changing or taking away a bungee.

Specific tests are performed prior to treatment so the exercise is specific to you.

Redcord treatment technique was designed about 20 years ago by a physical therapist with lower back pain. I have had the opportunity to use it in my office for about 8 years. My son introduced it to me when he was playing tennis for Westmont College, Montecito, CA All of the athletes were tested on the Redcord system before playing their sport. This gave the Physical Therapist and Trainers more information about the players. They knew what their weakest links (areas of their body) were before playing. This significantly reduced the injuries to their athletes.

When a muscle or joint injuries cause pain, the inactivity changes the person's movement patterns. This disturbs the signals from the muscle to the brain, losing coordination, strength and muscle imbalances.

Changing and improving your movement pattern through the neurac treatment method helps reduce pain and improves your movement. The movement becomes more efficient.

We restore painfree movement, develop core strength and endurance in people with neuromuscular disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and to enhance an athletes performance or prevent injuries. Core strength and endurance is important to improve athletic performance and improve your efficiency in movement.

Individual treatment plans are based on treatment response from tests and measures that are specific to redcord.

Your treatment outcome is individually and systematically monitored. The three dimensional exercises have a high transfer to sports and competition. Redcord treatments improve postural strength, stability, coordination, endurance, balance and proprioception.

We want our patients to succeed in whatever your goals are from walking to playing pickleball, tennis or riding your best.

Give your horse what he needs to perform his or her best by riding your best.

We want you to understand what your limitations are and how to correct them.

We want you to be able to find and retain your health, fitness