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Meet Our Staff

Cheryl Wertheimer, PT, DPT/Owner Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT, DPT/Owner

Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT, DPT has been a physical therapist since 1977. A UCLA undergrad, she completed her Physical Therapy certification from Cal State Northridge. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the EIM Institute of Health Professionals in 2011. Cheryl has owned and operated Transitions Therapies West Aquatic and Physical Therapy in Thousand Oaks, California since 2010. She specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine and neuromuscular retraining. She trained at Orthopedic Hospital Los Angeles, LA County Hospital, Crippled Children Services and Riding for the Handicapped at Chef Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is MedX trained from UC San Diego. Cheryl has trained in the Pilates method using equipment and mat exercises. She is also trained in myofascial release, joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques. She has completed advanced coursework in the Neurac Redcord treatment method which uses neuromuscular re-education to improve core endurance and strength for athletes, as well as rehabilitation. Functional training and neuromuscular retraining are the centers of her practice. She accomplishes her patients’ goals using a heated, onsite SwimEx pool, equipped with a changeable current and a hydraulic chairlift, Redcord, Pilates equipment, and more traditional therapy.

Her passion is helping her patients to feel better and become productive and happy people they want to be. Outside of the clinic, Cheryl is an avid swimmer and equestrian. Helping other equestrians gain strength and balance so they can ride with confidence is one of her other passions. In 1985, she wrote and exercised in “Cheryl Schuhmann’s The Rider’s Workout” video, which can still be found on the Internet. In 2017, Cheryl went to Gladstone, New Jersey, the US Olympic team training center and headquarters, to become certified as a physical therapist for the United States Equestrian Federation.

“I love educating and helping people reach their physical goals. That is why I do what I do. I’m excited to meet new patients or clients.”

Cheryl is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.