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Back Pain Treatment in Thousand Oaks

by Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT, DPT, November 30, 2015

back pain treatment in Thousand Oaks

If you are looking for back pain treatment in Thousand Oaks, it might seem natural to take pain medication to help with your problem. However, there are better options out there, such as seeking physical therapy from a clinic that you can trust. Here are a few reasons why this is a better choice than taking pain medication.

Attack the Problem at Its Source

Pain medication just masks the problem. Physical therapy will help you address the things that are causing your back pain and can help you feel long-term relief, rather than just covering up the issue. This can help you feel less pain now and in the long run.

Save Money on Prescription Medication & Treatment

Prescription medication is not cheap. Even if you have health insurance, there is a chance that you have to pay a co-pay. You should only need physical therapy in the short-term, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it — or pain medication — for the rest of your life in order to deal with chronic pain.

It’s Clinical Proven to Save 50% or More on the Cost of Care

By addressing your back pain quickly (within the first 14 days of onset), you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments.  Consider this study:

Physical therapist researchers John D. Childs, PT, PhD, et al analyzed 122,723 patients who went to a primary care physician following an initial LBP episode and received physical therapy within 90 days. Of these, 24% (17,175) received early physical therapy (within 14 days) that adhered to guidelines for active treatment. During a 2-year time period, these patients made significantly less use of advanced imaging, lumbar spinal injections, lumbar spine surgery, and opioids than did patients in other combinations of timing and adherence. Early physical therapy patients also had 60% lower LBP-related costs as compared to 33.5% (23,993) of patients who had delayed and adherent physical therapy (between 14 and 90 days). Patients received physical therapy within the Military Health System, one of the largest single payer health systems in the United States.

“Physical therapy as the starting point of care in your low back pain episode can have significant positive implications,” Childs explained. “Receiving physical therapy treatment that adheres to practice guidelines even furthers than benefit.”


 Avoid Unhealthy Side Effects

One main reason why other back pain solutions are a good choice is because medication can come with unhealthy side effects, especially if you use it heavily, take strong medication or have to take it for a long period of time. Pain medication can affect your liver and the rest of your body, and it can even cause addiction issues. These things won’t be a problem with the natural and helpful treatments that you can enjoy with physical therapy.

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