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Aquatic Exercise in Thousand Oaks

by Cheryl Schuhmann-Wertheimer, PT, DPT, August 28, 2015

The Magic of Water and Movement

If you are a patient who is trying to prevent hip or knee surgery, water may have the magic that you have been looking for!

We are water rehabilitation specialists, guiding our patients to their own solutions. Whether your pain is new or has been bothering you for a while, you want relief from your symptoms.

In our experience, starting to move in the water is the best thing you can do for immediate pain relief.

There are many benefits found only in water:

  1. tactile sensation (felt on your body as you move thru the water)
  2. improved proprioception – joints have the sense of where they are in space thru GTO (damaged joints lose this sense)
  3. the nerves in the skin offer another pathway which the sensation of water helps regain
  4. improved neuromuscular stimulation through the myofascial system is challenged by resisting the movement of water

Your treatment plan starts with giving us a detailed history of your problem and health history, followed by observation of your movement patterns, gait, and posture. If your goals are to help restore movement, strength, stability, function, and relieve pain, then the pool is the best place to start.

While losing motion in one joint, you are altering your mechanics and move abnormally to compensate for what you can no longer do. In the pool, you can move in a more normal manner again. The buoyancy offers support. The density and pressure of the water resists your body movement. Your proprioception -your internal monitoring system-is also challenged and improved in water. In chest deep water, 70% of your body weight is taken off your lower extremities. By diminishing gravity’s downward force, you can exercise in greater comfort and perform movements that are not possible on land. Just like magic!

Do you have patients that complain of pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain or musculoskeletal disorders, have difficulty walking, or want to return to their sport quickly?

If you live in the Thousand Oaks area, and are looking for aquatic exercise in Thousand Oaks, Transitions Therapies West, can help.

We provide care based on the best current clinical research.

According to the latest research aquatic exercise is one of the best, yet underutilized, forms of therapeutic exercise.

  • Knee OA – Meta-analysis – Results show that aquatic exercise is safe and effective for the treatment of knee OA.
  • Fibromyalgia – Meta-analysis – Aquatic exercise is an effective treatment as seen by results of the Fibromyalgia Impact questionnaire (Stiffness and 6 minute walk test over a period of 20 weeks).
  • LBP and CLBP – Evidence suggests that exercise in water is one of the most useful modes of exercise, produced better improvement in pain levels, disability, and quality of life compared to land-based exercise.
  • Patients with moderate risk for falling show improved TUG, Berg, and Tinetti tests using aquatic therapy over a 6-week period.
  • Athletes can increase their vertical height using plyometric exercise in chest deep water greater than land-based training.
  • S/P ACL repairs showed faster recovery than patients who used only land-based training.

Transitions Therapies West has been a leader in aquatic therapy since 1992. Our aquatic programs help reduce pain, develop strength, stability, mobility, endurance, and improve overall wellbeing in our warm SwimEx pool. Our program is also designed to Transition patients to their own pool and/or land program.

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